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4 Easy ways to spoil your pet

4 Easy ways to spoil your pet

Your pet is your best friend, and Animal Day is not the only day you can put your friend in the spotlight. Your pet is always there for you and is sweet, caring, funny and naughty. So every now and then you may give your pet a little something extra. But how do you do that in a fun and playful way?

1) Something tasty

Surprise your dog, cat, rabbit, or other pet with a tasty cake made from his or her favourite food. Anything you put in the cake is good, as long as it is not the same food you give every day. Of course, make sure your recipe is suitable for your pet. If it’s going to be a big pie, it may be wise to give it in several parts so your pet doesn’t get sick from eating too much at once.

2) Walking

Do you have a dog? Then you probably know how happy these animals become after a pleasant walk. This way they can use all their energy in the space they have outside. You can also go to a field or park where other dogs are walked. Then they can play with these dogs. A fresh nose is not only good for the dog but also for you. So it’s a win-win! Do you have a cat, but you live in a place where you would rather not let him or her go outside? Then you can still walk around with them in pet stores where you can buy leashes especially for cats. Outside air is also very important and healthy for cats.

3) Give them some extra attention

Many pets are real companions, which means they like your company too. Perhaps you are not home often because of work or other obligations. This can make them feel alone from time to time. By giving them a little extra attention when you’re home, they’ll feel you are there for them. Take some extra time to play or cuddle with them. Do you have a pet that loves to be brushed? Then that is the way to spoil your pet.

4) Gifts

You can also please your pet with presents! Pets are always happy with new toys. A new ball for the dog, a new wheel for the guinea pig, or a new scratching post for the cat: your pet will be delighted.