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Ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomisch toetsenbord -

Ralph van Essen |

Working daily with a computer or laptop can cause complaints in the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. By using the right equipment with the right settings, you can prevent or remedy these complaints. The complaints can be caused, among other things, by the use of a keyboard that causes an incorrect working posture. Today we will explain to you why and how an ergonomic keyboard has a positive influence on your posture.

Why an ergonomic keyboard?

An ergonomic keyboard ensures that your hands and wrists are in an ergonomically sound position while working. These keyboards often have a different shape than you are used to and are adjustable. You often see that the keyboards run in a wave shape and/or that the left and right halves of the keyboard are further apart. This allows them to accommodate the position of the hands and wrists, allowing you to work in a more relaxed position.

Benefits of an ergonomic keyboard

- Wavy design: this allows you to work in a more relaxed position. This way your wrists don't have to turn all the time, which prevents complaints.
- Light keystroke: if you don't have to hit the keys hard all the time, it's easier on your hands and fingers and they can rest relaxed on the keyboard.
- Wrist supports: supports that provide your wrists with good support, so that they do not float in the air.
- Additional hotkeys: These hotkeys allow you to navigate without using the mouse. This way you don't have to reach for your mouse with your hand all the time.
- No numeric keypad: this makes the keyboard much more compact. This has the advantage that the distance between keyboard and mouse is smaller, so you don't have to reach as far to your mouse. This decreases muscle tension in your arm, neck and shoulder. Do you still want to have the numeric part of the keyboard? Then you can also buy it separately and connect it to the left or right of the keyboard when you need it.
- Built-in touchpad: this feature ensures that you have to use the mouse less, which prevents joint complaints such as RSI. The touchpad is usually located in the center of the keyboard.

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