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Build your own PC

Bouw je eigen PC -

Ralph van Essen |

Step 1: Choose your components carefully Select the components you need for your computer, such as the motherboard, memory and video card. Note: Coolgods does not sell processors. Do thorough research to ensure that all components are compatible and match the performance you expect from your computer.

Step 2: Choose a suitable housing and power supply At you will find an extensive range of housings and power supplies. Make sure you choose a case that has enough space for all components and that the power supply is powerful enough to power your system. View our offer here:

Step 3: Mount the motherboard, processor, and memory Place the motherboard in the case and secure the processor and memory in the correct locations. Make sure you tighten all connectors and screws properly.

Step 4: Install the video card, storage, and other expansion cards Insert the video card, hard drive (or SSD), and any other expansion cards into the appropriate slots on the motherboard. Fasten them firmly, but carefully to avoid damage.

Step 5: Choose the right cooling for your system Good cooling is essential for the lifespan and performance of your computer. offers an extensive range of cooling solutions, such as air coolers and water coolers. View our offer here:

Step 6: Connect all cables Connect the power supply to the components and make sure that all data cables are properly connected. Pay extra attention to cable management to build a neat and organized computer.

Step 7: Test your new computer Connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse and turn on the computer to see if everything is working properly. Verify that all components are correctly detected.

Step 8: Install the operating system and necessary drivers Install the operating system of your choice and make sure that all necessary drivers are installed to ensure smooth operation of your computer. You can find drivers on the websites of your component manufacturers or through the operating system itself.

Step 9: Optimize and personalize your system Adjust your system settings according to your personal preferences and make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Install the software and games you want, and set your own wallpapers, themes, and other visuals to make your computer unique and personal.

Step 10: Maintain your computer It is important to properly maintain your computer to maximize its lifespan and performance. Make sure you update your operating system and drivers regularly, run regular security scans and make regular backups of your important files. Don't forget to keep your computer free of dust and check the cooling to avoid overheating.

Conclusion: Building your own computer doesn't have to be a complicated task. With this step-by-step guide and the quality components from you are well on your way to building your dream computer. If you have any questions or need help during the building process, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are always ready to help and advise you!

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