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Ergonomic wrist rests, desk rests and mouse pads

Ergonomische polssteunen, bureausteunen en muismatten -

Ralph van Essen |

The use of ergonomic wrist rests, desk supports and mouse pads contributes to a healthy and comfortable workplace. It helps to reduce strain on the wrists, arms, neck and back, and can significantly reduce the risk of work-related injuries and complaints. When setting up a desk and computer workplace, it is important to pay attention to ergonomic accessories to promote employee well-being and increase productivity.

Ergonomic Wrist Rests:
Ergonomic wrist rests are soft padded cushions designed to support and relieve wrist strain while typing on the keyboard. They are usually filled with gel or foam and have an ergonomic shape that promotes the natural position of the wrist. Using a wrist brace can reduce long-term strain and strain on the wrists, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist rests come in a variety of sizes and styles and are easy to place on the desk.

Desk supports:
Desk mounts, also known as monitor arms, are adjustable aids that allow the computer screen to be positioned at eye level. They can be attached to the desk and provide flexibility to tilt, swivel or adjust the height of the screen. Using a desk support helps maintain good sitting posture as it prevents users from bending over or straining their neck and back. Placing the screen at eye level also reduces the risk of eye strain and neck pain.

An ergonomic mouse pad is a soft, comfortable surface on which the computer mouse can move smoothly. They usually come with a wrist rest that keeps the wrist in a neutral position and helps prevent strain when using the mouse. Mouse pads with a special gel filling provide extra comfort and support for the wrist. A good mouse pad also helps to reduce the friction between the mouse and the surface, improving the precision of mouse movements.

Ergonomic wrist rests, desk supports and mouse pads can contribute to a comfortable and healthy workplace design for desk and computer work. View the range tested and selected by our team here: