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Ergonomic mouse

Ergonomische muis -

Michael Gijselhart |

Nowadays, we often spend many hours in front of the computer, both at work and at home. If you sit in the same position for a long time or make many repetitive movements, you can suffer from complaints in your shoulders, neck, arms or wrists. With a computer mouse you often make a repetitive movement, which increases the risk of complaints. You can prevent or remedy this by using an ergonomic mouse. Discover in this blog why an ergonomic mouse is the solution for your complaints!

Why an ergonomic mouse?

Prolonged use of a standard mouse can lead to neck, shoulder, finger, hand and wrist complaints. This can even lead to RSI in the long run. You can prevent many of these complaints by using an ergonomic mouse. With a standard mouse, your arm is in an unnatural position, namely with the palm down. If you were to put your arm on the table, your palm would be to the side rather than straight down. Your wrist always has an unnatural position when using a mouse. An ergonomic mouse stimulates a more natural position of your hand, which puts you in a neutral position. In addition, while 'micing' you make a pinching movement with the little finger and thumb to hold it. With an ergonomic mouse you hardly have to 'squeeze'.

Choose ergonomic mouse

Of course, choosing a mouse is mainly based on personal preference. You can choose different colors and designs, but you also have a choice of wireless or non-wireless, left- or right-handed and the size (depending on the size of your hands). Ergonomic mice are often vertical and asymmetrical. A vertical/asymmetrical mouse ensures that your arm is in a neutral position when you hold the mouse. This creates less muscle tension in your forearm. In addition, it is important that you look at the complaints that you want to prevent exactly.

What else can you do?

To minimize muscle tension, pay attention to holding the mouse when you're not actually using it. By not having the mouse in your hand all the time, you give the muscles a rest. Also, the use of hotkeys instead of the mouse can prevent unnecessary muscle tension. This means that your arm doesn't have to spend as long in a tensioned position and you also have to move less often from your keyboard to your mouse. Using an ergonomic mouse in combination with an ergonomic keyboard provides double the benefit. Ergonomic keyboards often do not have a numerical part, which means that the range between keyboard and mouse is shorter. This prevents repetitive movements.

Do you work with the PC for hours on end every day? Then using a comfortable ergonomic mouse is not an unnecessary luxury for your body. By using an ergonomic mouse you can prevent or remedy complaints, because this mouse stimulates a natural posture for the wrist and forearm. In our range you will find various types of ergonomic mice for your workplace Prevention is better than cure!