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Smart home

Smart home -

Ralph van Essen |

Do you want to take the first steps towards a smart home? Then it's time to orientate yourself on the products with which you can best start. If you lay a good foundation for furnishing your smart home, you can continue to expand into a house that is completely tailored to your wishes. But how does it work and where do you start?

How does a smart home work?

A smart home consists of a collection of smart products that are connected to each other. The products communicate with each other and can carry out your orders. For example, you can control the lighting and temperature in your home with your voice or app. The smart products communicate with each other via the smart home system (hub). It is important when starting your smart home that you have a stable WiFi network. Without WiFi, the smart home products cannot communicate properly with each other.

The best tip we can give you is to start small. Start with one or a number of smart home products so that the impact is not too great. This way you can get used to it and add more smart products in the future. Below we have listed a number of products that you could start with.


With smart lighting you can instruct the lights in your home to turn on or off or to dim. Via the app on your phone or tablet, or via speech, you can adjust the atmosphere in every living space. You can put many smart lamps in the color you want. The advantage of smart lighting is that you can simply replace your existing lighting with a smart lamp, because the smart lamps can simply be screwed into the existing fixtures. You can also use smart lighting when you are not (yet) at home. This way you can switch on the lighting automatically in the evening, making it look like you're just at home.

Smart thermostat

With a smart thermostat you can use energy more sustainably. This way you can only have the thermostat turn on when someone is in the house and turn it off again when no one is there. You can control the thermostat remotely via the app, so you can always arrive in a nicely heated house. Some smart thermostats can even detect whether you're home or not, so you don't even have to turn off the thermostat.

Alarm system

Smart home products are also useful because of the security options they offer. This way you can already pretend that you are at home with the lighting. In addition, there are many smart alarm systems that you can connect. With these systems you get a signal when someone is in the house. You can then also use cameras to see who is in the house.


By starting with a smart speaker, you can control your devices with your voice. The speaker looks like a music speaker and performs tasks the moment you talk to it. For example, you can play music, switch the TV or lamps on and off, pass on your shopping list and look up information in Google.

Smart home products may still sound like future music, but the demand for these products is growing and the possibilities are still being developed. There are already many options to choose from, so do your research in advance and get informed so that you make the right choice. You will also find various smart home products in our range. Do you also turn your house into a smart home with our smart home products ?