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PC power supply

PC voeding -

Ralph van Essen |

Do you want to buy a computer? Then it is important that it always works properly. For this you need a good diet. The PC power supply ensures that the power signal from the socket is distributed to all components of the computer. By choosing the right power supply, your computer will work optimally and you will enjoy it the longest. But how do you choose the right food? We explain what you should pay attention to!

1) Wattage

Depending on the amount of parts you use, you need a stronger power supply. Every part in your PC needs a certain amount of power for which the power supply has to convert power. How much power the power supply must have therefore depends on how your system is composed. Therefore, take a good look at the wattage requirements of each individual PC component to determine how much wattage your power supply should deliver. Don't forget to take possible expansions of your computer into account, so keep some leeway.

2) Types of power supplies

There are several connections for the components on the PC power supply. There are several ways to connect your components:

  • Non-modular: With this type of connection, all connecting cables are attached to the power supply. You can then connect these cables to the various PC components. If you do not use certain cables, they are loose in the computer case.
  • Semi-modular: This connection type has the standard cables, such as the power cable, fixed in place. The other connections can be connected separately.
  • Modular: With a modular power supply, each cable can be connected to the power supply individually. This way you avoid having a lot of extra cables lying around that are difficult to hide and get tangled up with each other.

3) Efficiency

To determine how economical a power supply is, look at the 80 Plus certification. This indicates that a power supply is at least 80% efficient. If your PC components consume 500 watts with a power supply of 80% efficiency, then the power supply needs 625 watts, because it wastes 125 watts in heat. High efficiency is good for both your energy bill and the lifespan of your power supply and components. Of course, this also depends on how intensively you use your computer. If you use your computer often, it may ultimately be cheaper to buy a more efficient power supply.

4) Sound

Some PC power supplies can make quite a bit of noise. Do you find this disturbing? Then take a good look at the product specifications to find out what it says about the noise production. The noise produced by the power supply is also related to its efficiency. A more efficient power supply is usually quieter.

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