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Assemble game PC

Game PC samenstellen -

Twan Vonken |

When you buy a PC for gaming, it is very important that everything functions optimally. Your gaming PC consists of several parts with which you can put together your ideal PC. What do you have to take into account for the most important parts? We have some tips for you.

1) Enclosure

The housing determines how your PC looks. This cabinet protects all parts of your gaming PC. It is therefore important that you choose a sturdy housing. All components together can weigh quite a bit and if you want to protect them properly you will have to mount them firmly in the housing. In addition, the housing keeps the various components cool, so that they do not overheat and work less well. PC housings come in different shapes and sizes. From mini and midi to big. Are you looking for PC cases? Then take a look at our range!

2) CPU

The processor (CPU), together with the graphics card and working memory, has the most influence on the performance of your gaming PC. The processor ensures that the data from programs is decoded and that tasks are passed on. The best choices you can make here depend on the type of games you play. The heavier the games, the more power the processor must have. In addition, the following rule applies: the faster the CPU, the faster your PC. A processor is a computer component that can cost a lot of money. Therefore, think carefully about the performance you require from your CPU.

When the CPU is working, the temperature of this part can become very high. That's why you need a cooler to cool it down again. Coolers there are a greater and lesser degree of noise. Discover here which coolers you can choose from at Coolgods.

3) Working memory

The RAM memory of your computer ensures that it runs smoothly and that your computer can run all processes that are running at the same time side by side. This way your computer will continue to work at the right speed. Usually 8GB of RAM is enough, but some games ask for more. In that case, it is smart to purchase 16GB of RAM.

4) Graphics card

The graphics card (GPU) ensures that you get a smooth image on your computer. A very important one for a gaming PC. For this part it is important that you choose the right memory capacity. The more data the graphics card has to process, the heavier it becomes.

5) Nutrition

The PC power supply ensures that the power is distributed over all PC components. Before purchasing this part you need to know how much power your PC needs. There are several options for PC power supplies. You can make a choice here depending on the type of power supply and the degree of efficiency. Read more in our dedicated Blog about choosing the right PC power supply for you.

6) Motherboard

The motherboard is the most important part of your PC. This is where all the separate parts come together. The motherboard itself has little influence on performance, but it is important that this part has enough connections for all the components you want to connect to it. When you buy a motherboard, it is wise to take possible expansions into account in terms of connections for later. This way you can expand your PC in the future without having to buy a new motherboard right away.

Are you looking for PC parts to assemble your computer? Hopefully this article will help you! Take a look at our overview of affordable PC components.