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Work ergonomically

Ergonomisch werken -

Ralph van Essen |

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics ensures that people's functioning is promoted. This includes optimizing the workplace and the working environment. In daily life, we mainly look at the following points: lifting and lifting loads, adapted hand tools and correct sitting behavior at the computer. In relation to the latter, we focus on ergonomic and healthy working behind the desk and the PC. Nowadays, more and more employees choose to work standing up, this creates more variety and ensures better blood flow throughout your body.

Why is an ergonomic workplace important?

Nowadays we spend a lot of time sitting, think of the evening on the couch, but also during the day at work or at school. Prolonged sitting doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study at the University of Leicester. People who sit for more than 8 hours a day also have a 15% higher risk of premature death. An ergonomic working environment also ensures a safe and healthy working environment, the office becomes more lively and you get better physical and mental health. This reduces absenteeism due to illness and increases productivity.

Tips to improve your workplace:

It is important to keep your head straight above your shoulders, as soon as you have to tilt your head forward you can get neck and back problems.

Make sure your screen and keyboard are right in front of you, you don't have to look at an angle all day long, that's bad for your neck. If your head is directly above your shoulders, the top of your screen should not be above eye level.

Make sure your arms are supported at all times. As soon as you don't have this, your arm muscles, neck and shoulders can start to irritate. Purchase an office chair with armrests and you will notice that your arms no longer bother you after a long day of work.

Do you call a lot at the office? Then it's important to purchase a headset so that you don't always have your phone between your ears and shoulders.

Make sure you stay at least out of arm's reach of your screen, sitting too close can cause irritation. Stare into the distance every now and then, look outside and give your eyes a rest.

Make sure you can touch the ground with both feet, avoid hanging your feet. Lower your desk and chair or use a footrest.

How do I create an ergonomic workplace at home

In many cases, dining tables are too high or too low to work on. The preference is always for a desk that is adjustable in height. It is even better to use a standing-sitting desk. The normal dining room chair is also not suitable for longer work sessions, choose a good office chair with armrests and adjustable seats for the correct posture. A laptop support and wireless mouse with a keyboard can also make your online work much healthier.