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Laptop standard

Laptop standaard -

Michael Gijselhart |

Laptops are indispensable in the office. They are ideal because you can simply take them with you and therefore work anywhere. However, working with a laptop also brings inconveniences that may not be immediately noticeable. Working on a laptop for a long time can lead to a working posture that causes pain and complaints. Fortunately, there are aids that promote your working posture and provide more comfort. Like a laptop stand for example!

Why a laptop stand?

If you often work on your laptop, there is a good chance that you will automatically adopt a bad posture. This is because the laptop is actually not at the correct viewing height, and because the keyboard and mouse are attached to the laptop. As a result, you assume an unnatural posture with a bent neck and back. This puts a strain on your neck and back in a way that can cause pain and complaints. When you put the laptop on a stand, it will be higher, so you no longer have to make this bend. In addition, you sit relatively close to the screen because you have to bend forward. This means that your eyes have to make extra effort, which can cause fatigue.

Ergonomic mouse and keyboard

The use of an external keyboard and mouse in combination with a laptop is strongly recommended. Of course your laptop has a built-in keyboard and mousepad, but this is not suitable for long-term work. It is best to purchase an ergonomic keyboard that is compact and an ergonomic mouse that minimizes the strain on your arm and wrist.

Healthy and ergonomically sound laptop use ensures more productivity and reduces the risk of physical complaints and failure. It is therefore definitely worth investing in tools that promote your attitude to work. Are you looking for ergonomic aids for your workplace? Then take a look at our range !